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Been missing some posts, because life is busy.

As I discussed or mentioned in previous posts (Here, Here), I am changing Kid Spider to Teen Spider, and as of now, the website, and all social media accounts are changed to reflect the change.

When I looked at things realistically, there were several stories I would have liked to tell with Kid Spider. Most of the time I try to keep the story lines contained to ten comic strips. So, ten comic strips equal ten weeks. This does not always work out.

Maintaining my current pace of one comic strip per week, it would have been at least five years in real world time for me to move Kid Spider to Teen Spider. With no actual birthdays planned in for the transition. One day Kid Spider would be Teen Spider, without too much explanation, except, five real world years passed. Gorilla Girl would be in college, BagBoy, and CardStock retired, and Helper Monkey, less predominant in the strip.

So, I decided to move things quickly, re-write some story lines, and essentially strip out a lot of clutter. Dimensional travel can be useful, and this will have an impact on the BagBoy Universe in the future. It already has in a way with Speed Bump, and now Teen Spider, but it will have more of an impact.

With the re-branding to Teen Spider, I can be more loose with my story telling. Yes, there are creative writers out there whom would chastise me for not being creative enough to keep Kid Spider flowing, but given certain aspects, I made the right choice for myself creatively. Remember, I created the universe and multiverse contained within the comic, so I know the best way to do things, at least for myself.

There are already stories I had written for Kid Spider that I am reviewing to rewrite to conform to Teen Spider. Until the Re-Branded story line finishes, my options are open. The next story line is written, but I may just substitute a different story line. Once I move forward in one direction, I do not go back or change things. It just means rewriting a story line to conform with the current continuity.

Since I have already introduced time travel and dimensional travel, continuity can be a relative concept. Look at how screwed up the Marvel and DC universe became. DC basically stripped out years of history, then redrafted it all later. Marvel, well, I have not paid too much attention, and from what a few friends have stated, I am better off.

Ultimately, this should all work out.

Thanks for stopping by.

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