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Odd post today. I had a really good idea for something to post for my regular Wednesday post, and it left my mind. I was too distracted. Then I realized, I actually had a good possible post based on the fact that I forgot the original post.

As a creative person, wanna be writer, ideas pop into my head all the time. For the most part, I try to put the idea in as concise a physical form as soon as possible. By physical form it is writing it down or at least typing it out in a text or word program. When I am at work, I use a text based program, and email myself the end result. Usually through Google to my home email, because my work email gets bounced back for some reason.

When I come up with an idea, usually it is when I am thinking about an event or possible character or person. The inspiration hits, and I go with the idea. Sometimes it is something someone said to me, I heard it wrong, ask for clarification, and realize my concept was so much more hilarious or odd, it is worth writing down.

In extreme situations, like when I am driving, and I cannot write or text, I try to hold on to the idea. That has resulted in lost ideas, when I am suddenly cut off, have to break hard, and well, emotions wash away the idea.

Many of the characters who appear in Kid Spider, soon to be Teen Spider, were created due to some odd idea or inspiration. The whole BagBoy Universe, in which Teen Spider resides, was an idea. Once I have developed a character, I ask questions as to what type of villains the character fights, does the character have allies? The questions sometimes yield blank replies.

Ultimately whole worlds, stories, and universes were built on an idea. Sometimes the idea sucks, but I do not discard it, because, six months from now, the idea is awesome or fits well with something.

Ideas are the foundation for everything creative. Don’t through away a passing idea, it might be your major money maker.

Thanks for stopping by.

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