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Sorry for missing last Wednesday’s post. The whole Memorial Day thing threw me off.

Another comedy I had been searching for, because I love to laugh, and I found at Half Price Books as a double feature. Wayne’s World is a good early 1990s comedy based on a Saturday Night Live skit.

Wayne Campbell, played by Mike Myers, is a college aged man whom is headed no where. What he has is a Public Access show titled, Wayne’s World, that is popular and based out of the basement of his parents home. With his buddy, Garth Algar, played by Dana Carvey, the two sort of half ass their way through life. Then things change for them dramatically.


After shooting an episode of their show, Wayne and Garth go to a club with their friends. On stage is a band, the front woman is Cassandra, played by the smoking hot, gorgeous Tia Carrere. Wayne falls instantly in love, and is determined to make Cassandra his girlfriend.

Benjamin Oliver, played by Rob Lowe, is a high end advertising executive looking to keep a client, and diversify the advertising portfolio. Benjamin sees Wayne’s World on television when his latest female companion tunes into it, and finds it hilarious. Benjamin calls his assistant, and meets with his client to discuss sponsoring the show, which scores high in the demographic the client is trying to reach. After some convincing, Benjamin meets with Wayne and Garth, offering them money and opportunity. Unfortunately the contract has a hitch.

When Wayne and Garth are invited over to Benjamin’s apartment to celebrate, they bring Cassandra, and Benjamin sees her as another conquest. Except she really is genuinely liking Wayne. Benjamin decides to use his connections and get Cassandra a video shoot, and possible record deal.


Wayne sees what is happening, becomes jealous, and also sees that control of his show is being lost. The sponsor of the show will be making a weekly appearance, and talk about his business. Wayne reacts childishly, and writes notes on the back of note cards, humiliating the sponsor. Chastised, Wayne leaves.

Wayne’s paranoia sets in, and he begins to fear losing Cassandra. So, Wayne hatches a plan to get Cassandra a big record deal with a major record producer.

The movie is funny, and does not push into R territory, though there is a lot of innuendo. By the 1990s, teen comedies were moving back into PG-13 levels. Mike Myers of course is a master of innuendo and basic skit comedy, and Wayne’s World launched him into becoming the king of comedy for the 1990s.

The following night I watched Wayne’s World 2, the other disk in the double feature. Though not as good as the first, and a sort of continuation, it was not as bad as other comedy sequels.

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