Ocean’s Eleven

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Ocean’s Eleven, the 2001 George Clooney remake is more an homage to the classic Ocean’s 11, starring Frank Sinatra. The premise is the same, but how things were carried out was different.

Danny Ocean is a paroled felon who wants to get even with the man who is now dating his ex-wife. His plan is to rob the three casinos owned by Terry Benedict, played by Andy Garcia. Except the crew assembled will not be robbing The Mirage, MGM Grand and Bellagio directly. The plan is to rob the vault below the Bellagio that contains the money for all three casinos.

This is where the plot deviates from actual layout of the city of Las Vegas. The Mirage and MGM Grand are not connected to the Bellagio via underground tunnels. It is possible, but the movie has the three casinos next door to each other, when the Mirage and MGM Grand are about a mile from the Bellagio. A reasonable walking distance.

Throughout the movie there is twists and turns as the crew plots the heist. Danny appears to have all the bases covered. Except Rusty, played by Brad Pitt appears to not trust his partner in crime, and has Linus, played by Matt Damon follow Danny. The reason Rusty does not trust Danny is Linus reveals a very inconvenient thing. While spying and watching Terry, it turns out Danny’s ex-wife, Tess, played by Julia Roberts was not revealed to be part of the equation. Rusty takes charge of the whole heist. Some of the crew are confused, because they did not know Danny had been married. It is accept, and Danny begins stalking Tess, leading to his being brought to a room without security cameras by a couple of big guys in Terry’s employ.

In the end, Danny does have everything figured out, and maybe Rusty was in on the whole thing. The movie has a beautiful ending, and probably one of the best walk off endings with the whole ensemble cast.

The movie is a heist movie, and features great arial views of Las Vegas. The acting is OK, but the movie overall is fun. You do get the feeling the Danny and Rusty have been pulling large scale robberies together for a long time. Brad Pitt had a great bit where every scene he started he was eating something or finishing off some food.

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