Marcia Marcia Marcia

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Yes, I was a Jan fan, my view of Marcia is a bit a skew, but, there is something enduring about the oldest Brady girl. The focus of passion, lust, and angst for so many male or female viewers of the Brady Bunch. From the first show to the last, Marcia was considered the fairest of all the Brady girls. Though I disagree.

Marcia was shallow and one dimensional as a character. Because Marcia developed earlier, and wore groovy dresses, she constantly stole Jan’s boyfriends or received attention from them, Clark Tyson, would realize who was the most pretty. Marcia was boy crazy enough to date bug collecting geeks like Harvey Klinger. Good looking enough, and supposedly talented enough to win all kinds of trophies, yet so insecure about herself, she joined every club her freshman year of high school. Eventually realizing she was being superficial when Peter’s volcano blew up all over the most shallow club of high school girls, and those young ladies stormed off.

Because Marcia was Greg’s sister, she was constantly in competition to do better than him, even when an attic room became available. The whole gender thing was played out, much to the chagrin of Trail Scouts and eggs. Marcia had talent, she could sing, and she looked good doing it. She could even act, but her ego got the better of her. Eventually Marcia would step up to proper boyfriends for a cheerleader/pom pom type, athletes. Though many men wanted to use her, she used them. Her charm and beauty always a weapon. Marcia was not adverse to using tears as a weapon. Marcia was prone to crying a lot. When the competition became tough, things did not go her way or her looks were damaged, things became hopeless, and the water works flowed.


Marcia’s obsession with her looks might be somewhat Maureen McCormick’s own personal feelings. Maureen was uncomfortable with her body in Hawaii, because Eve had a flatter stomach. Maureen would stand with her arms crossed over her belly or have a towel in front when she was wearing a bikini. Though Marcia could rock the bikini and any clothing she wore, because she had a great body. So she had a bit of a belly. Marcia was still damn sexy.


From braces to broken nose, there was the constant focus on Marcia’s beauty. Yes, she was beautiful. Narcissistic to a fault. When she was cast as Juliette, she thought she knew better. Her comeuppance, even the possible indication of which direction Marcia’s life would take in the future was at the hands of her sister, Jan. When both girls worked for Haskell’s Ice Cream Parlor. Marcia was plotting to take over and become partner. Marcia did have a brain and ambition, but her little head usually overrode her real head. When a jilted boyfriend she tossed over to earn money, and be an independent woman, came in with another girl. Marcia went berserk. Firing whipped cream at the enemy, and chasing off customers. When Mr. Haskell decided being semi-retired was not working out for him, he kept the more meek and hardworking Jan. Marcia went crazy, but all it took was the boy to appeal to her vanity, and Marcia decided boys and living a leisure life was more fun. A trophy wife was probably going to be her lot in life.


It was revealed in the short lived sequels and movies that Marcia would marry, on impulse, a sales man, because Jan was going to marry a college professor, and Marcia could not lose to her younger sister. Marcia and her dead beat husband would have two children, Marcia would be a house mom, eventually becoming an alcoholic, and her husband would lose one job after another. Together with her spouse, they would move back to the Brady House and become caterers, and that was that. The Brady sequels ended. Marcia’s vanity would be played up to it’s fullest, and her lust for boys taken to extremes in the later parody movies.

Ironically, Jan was the one who uttered in frustration the often quoted. “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.” A phrase more quoted than the shallow “Oh My Nose.” Poetic justice of sorts.

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PS: I do think Maureen (Marcia) is beautiful. I just prefer Eve (Jan) who is pretty.

Collection, Accumulation, Insanity

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Taking a blog break from my usual Brady Bunch related post to write about something any collector deals with, when does a collection turn into an accumulation, and when do you move into insanity?


Someone once wrote that anything you buy is one step closer to the landfill. The concept being that you buy something, and the ultimate end result is it will eventually end up in the landfill, whether it is valuable or not, and no matter how long it takes.

As a collector, everything you buy is one step closer to insanity. Insanity being the hoarding of stuff for the simple sake that you cannot get rid of anything.

When you are a collector of something, be it cards or comics or cars, you have a purpose. You start out with an objective, but enthusiasm eventually overrides the objective. A collection is done for specifics. An accumulation is done because you have to have it without any real purpose. Insanity happens when you do not know what you have, but you cannot let it go. Letting it go is selling it or throwing it away or giving it away.


There are people who help others de-clutter their lives. Those people give advice, if you take something, put it in a box in a closet, write a date on the box, six months go by, and you do not know what is in the box, it is time to get rid of whatever is in the box. It is something you did not need or did not care about.

This is sometimes what happens with collectors. Comic books are a great example. I have talked to many comic book collectors and they brag about the number of comics they have. Rooms full of shelves with boxes on them. Sometimes number of comics is like a manhood measuring contest. The more comics you have the more serious of a collector you are. Many of the comic collectors have read the gross volume of comics they have, some have not. One collector I had talked to was intent on getting every back issue of Amazing Spiderman. Did he read them? Sometimes. To me it is not really a collection, because I collected comics I read. It is more an accumulation with some purpose.

As stated, insanity happens when you cannot let it go. There are collectors who have multiple copies of a certain comic, when they bought the first copy it was not in great shape, and then the collector bought a better copy, and an even better copy. The collector will not sell off the other copies of the comic for some unreasonable fear or another. This is insanity. Multiple copies, and not wanting to sell lesser grade copies.


I have moved out of collecting for now. I still have little bits of my collections still hanging around. The choice pieces that mean something to me or are more valuable, and I did not want to sell them. It is sort of an accumulation of small collections. Surprisingly, I do add to those collections on occasion. Comics I am always adding in some way. I have one or two series that I want to complete yet, I have read every issue, but I am missing a few. Action Figures, if a certain figure does catch my eye from time to time, I might buy it. I am a nightmare to action figure collectors, because I rip the figure out of the box, and display it. DVDs and CDs now seem to be a collection I am adding on to. The whole Brady Bunch write ups and posts are based on the Brady Bunch DVD set I purchased months ago, and watched. But, I watched the DVDs. So I am not crazy.

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PS: Added new page to the website about the characters that have appeared in the comics.

Racer Bobby

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Bobby Brady, the youngest boy, competing with his brothers, yet seemingly the perpetual loser. He had the heart of gold, loving Tiger the most, and wanting his youngest sister, Cindy, to be her best, because he understood. An altruist of sorts, Bobby was always going to extremes to learn the lesson, and always giving the most to help others out.

His first crisis was small in comparison to the one he would suffer eventually, having watched a television version of Cinderella, Bobby got it into his head that Carol was mistreating him, and wanted to run away. With the gentleness of a great mother, Carol was going to help him, and showed that she really loved him.


Bobby was given the duty of hall monitor. He became a dictator, ever expanding his authority to the household, and eventually his parents had to council him. Bobby always a sucker for a pretty face, and lover of animals, with the kindest heart would ruin his good clothing helping a girl find her lost cat. In an attempt to hide his crimes, he flooded the service porch. Bobby learned his lesson.

At first the Brady Boys were united against their sisters. The common enemy invading their home. Then the dynamics would change. Bobby would eventually become close and united with Cindy in their quest to be more than just the two youngest kids.


Because he wanted to prove his worth to his brothers by winning a trophy and be acknowledged as an equal, Bobby always entered contests to lose. He lost an ice cream eating contest, a magazine selling contest, any contest he entered, ended in failure. Bobby dreamed of glory.

Bobby was not as athletic as Johnny Bravo (Greg) or as musically talented, so he always was living in Greg’s shadow, and only seemed to get under Greg’s skin. Bobby would be an endless pain to older brother Greg, interfering twice with dates with the same girl, Rachel. Once because Greg made a promise, and the second time because a promise Greg made would result in frogs raining down upon the couple at a drive in movie.

Bobby was always saving his brother Peter from doom. Pushing him out from under a falling ladder and becoming drenched in paint. Peter became a slave for life, which ended in the two dividing the room. Peter would free Bobby from a closet, and in his dramatic fashion, Bobby would settle the debt, and he became buddies with his brother.

Though Bobby admire success, and concocted a scheme with Cindy for him to meet Joe Namath, he sometimes admired the wrong people, Jessie James was one of them.

In the end, Bobby would receive a sidekick in cousin Oliver. Bobby would prove to be a superior billiards player, and hustle his brothers into doing chores for him, and hustle Mike’s co-workers for dimes, and Mike’s boss for gum. Bobby would turn Greg into a clown just before his graduation, because of hair tonic. Bobby’s final money making scheme would eventually result in a profit, after he bailed out Cindy from having bought two boy rabbits.

In the short lived sequels, it was revealed Bobby would get a job with Sam the Butcher, go to college, and graduate. His plans to go to graduate school were changed, when Bobby decided to become a race car driver. His dreams of glory taking hold. Then as always, Bobby would lose. This time, the lose of his legs to spinal damage. Bobby would not quit, and eventually would marry his college sweetheart. Would he walk again? The sequel did not go that far.

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Go West

June 12th, 2017 by

Friday, June 9, 2017 Adam West Past. I missed this, so I am posting now.


Good Bye Adam West. If anyone played an iconic, transformational version of Batman, it was Adam West. In spite of the more modern versions played by various actors in an attempt to revive the darker, more popular intent of the Dark Knight, Adam West’s version seems more recognizable.

The 1960s Batman series was something I saw in syndication, it was fun and campy, as children we ran around mock fighting yelling “Biff”, “Pow”, and pretending to be Batman. Though as children many of my playmates maybe read the Batman comic, and there was a different version. After the psychedelic 1960s, Batman moved back toward a grim tone. Neil Adams took over writing and art chores of the comic, and began moving it toward the original pulp intent and much darker stories. Culminating in Frank Miller’s Dark Knight story, and Alan Moore’s Killing Joke.

What does sort of upset me currently is the lack of acknowledgement of Bill Finger for his contributions. Many of the none comic fans who remember the campy 1960s television series still do not know that the Billionaire Bruce Wayne identity was Bill Finger’s concept. Bill Finger even wrote an episode of the television show. Many in the media acknowledge Bob Kane as the creator, yet still seem to overlook Bill Finger.

Adam West created an iconic interpretation of the Caped Crusader, and will always be considered a Batman. His contribution helped mainstream comic books in a similar way that the current superhero movies are doing. People talked about the show, even people who might have never read a comic book in their life. Adam West continued a career in television as the mayor of Quahog, Rhode Island, the fictitious town of Family Guy. He will be missed by me, and other fans of the television show, and Batman fans.

Oliver Cousin Oliver

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The cousin brought in to help keep the Brady family forever young. Children grow up, and if you have a family sitcom, keeping it viable means bringing in younger children. The Kelly family was intended to be a spinoff, introduced as a backdoor pilot, that did not work, and so they were forgotten. So, how can you expand the Brady Bunch to include a younger child?


Carol was still young enough to have a surprise baby. For some reason the producers opted for Carol taking in her brother’s son, though the producers played up the whole pregnancy concept. How wonderful would it be if Carol and Mike actually did end up having a child together? The biological monstrosity would be a melding of their genes. A half brother or sister to the other Brady siblings. A true heir to the Brady throne. Instead, we got Oliver.

Oliver would arrive, and the children would love him, until they hated him. He was a jinx. Bad things happened. Though his being the seventh kid would get the Bradys a chance to be extras in a movie because Oliver was the millionth visitor to a studio. Lots of pie, no cake.

more oliver

For a few episodes, Oliver would be Bobby’s sidekick. When Bobby was hustling for money playing pool, Oliver was there, as was a Driscoll’s Toy Store box in the background. When Bobby decided to sell hair tonic, Oliver was there. The tonic managed to turn Greg’s hair orange. Though Johnny Bravo would not look as cool with orange hair, he did get it fixed. Cindy was also in on the entrepreneur gig, but trying to sell rabbits, yet she bought two boy rabbits. Thanks to Bobby and Oliver’s bumbling, the rabbits were died orange. Bobby and Cindy got their money back, plus a profit, Oliver got his cut. After Greg’s graduation, like Tiger, Oliver was no more. The Brady Bunch was cancelled, and when the short-lived spinoffs came about, Oliver was not brought back. He was not even invited to the weddings of Jan and Marsha or Bobby. We did not even meet Carol’s brother.


But, Oliver would live on in legend. Thanks to Oliver a show biz term was invented. Anytime a long running television series which featured young children begins to become stale, and younger children are brought in to try an reinvigorate the series, it is called “Cousin Oliver Syndrome”.

It would have been nice to have Carol pregnant with a surprise baby. That transition could have altered the series dramatically. Carol and Mike finally have a child, thinking she could not get pregnant at her age, like many middle class women, who reach middle age, they go off the pill. Then OOOPS! Greg graduating and moving on, Carol three months pregnant, that would have guaranteed a sixth season at least. It would have brought in a change in tempo, as well as form of maturity and drama to the series. But, we will never know.

Cousin Oliver did not save the Brady Bunch, but due to his introduction, he created a legend and a show biz term that lives on forever.

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