Mighty Return

March 4th, 2018 by

This new story line takes place after the events of Bad Boys, Moves, & Smoke Break. To fill in some details, Death Boss is now Death Swimmer due to events in Bad Boys. After those events, Death Swimmer and 2B-Bot traveled to the Cigar Man Universe were Calamari had become a major super villain. Calamari sent Lefty and his crew to kill Gorilla Fish & Dr. Menace, instead both were forced out of the BagBoy Universe. Maybe to return. Cigar Man attacked Calamari’s base, forcing Death Swimmer, 2B-Bot and Calamari to retreat. Where the three villains fled or what their plans were is now just loose threads I will tie up at some point.

Due to the events in Moves, 2B-Bot’s base is essentially abandoned, was located by PinBot, probably due to a deal with Gorilla Fish made in Bumps. The Mighty League of Justice deciding to go after Death Boss (Death Swimmer) was a logical story. How they can travel to another dimension will be explained. If you are guessing that after the Bad Boys story, Death Swimmer & 2B-Bot did something to trash the dimensional equipment, they probably did. Except damaged equipment can be analyzed and rebuilt or duplicated if someone is smart enough.

Bringing back the whole Dimensional Travel aspect was something I was intending to eventually do. Though Gorilla Fish fits nicely into the BagBoy Universe, and 2B-Bot was a main foe in the BagBoy Universe, I removed them for a reason. Their return may happen in the far future, considering I post once a week.

Mighty League of Justice was an homage to some of the cartoons I loved watching as a child. MLJ and their main protagonist Death Boss were products of a dream I had. I woke up, thought, wow, I better write this down, and I did. Once I got the initial idea down, I began crafting. MLJ was at first part of the BagBoy Universe, but I spun it out to an alternate dimension. Both universes operate on the same concept. Woefully underpowered or even no powered heroes fighting villains who should essentially mulch the heroes, but the hero succeeds due to dumb luck or mistakes made by the villain. As shown in Kid Spider, as powerful as he is, he is actually outclassed by his villains. Oarsman intervened and saved Kid Spider’s life. Helper Monkey came in and stopped Cob Boy.

Now that I have brought Kid Spider in line with events in Gorilla Fish, it now makes sense to bring Mighty League of Justice into the BagBoy Universe for a visit. How the MLJ enters is in the story.

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