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I started blogging or web blog writing when I found a free platform. That ended after I got into building my own website and working with content management software, like WordPress.

Having researched great blogs, the advice is, you do not have to post every day, just be consistent on the days you post. If you post on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s, like I do, post on those days. There can always be special posts, like a favorite actor or singer dies, and you want to do some sort of good bye.

Then there is content. What do you want to write about? There are all kinds of blogs out there, mostly pop culture related, since it is an easy topic. I have been all over the board with pop culture, and focused for a while on Brady Bunch. There are other blogs out there about the same subject. There are millions of blogs out there.

Promoting your blog is the hard part. Various ways of doing this are join forums and link to your site. Repost someone else’s blog for track backs. Social media. Many free ways to promote your blog.

For added content I put in a web comic, though the comic is a main focus, and the blog is sort of secondary content, it is much easier to produce the blog. Blogging is just writing, and if you have a basic text editing software, like most computers have, and a browser, you can produce a blog.

Before you start blogging, make sure you have content written up before hand. It does not have to be perfectly edited, just well written. If you plan on posting twice a week, make sure you have at least two or three weeks of content written before hand. I prefer to have at least five to six weeks of content, and once and a while I will write a random blog.

If you are a wanna be writer, like me, blogging also keeps you writing. Like I tell people who want to be writers, just keep writing.

Thanks for stopping by.

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