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It used to be called reality television, but once people caught on, and realized the shows did not reflect real life, they were just overly exaggerated game shows or peeks into people’s lives, television people changed the label.


I admit, I was a VH1 addict when Flavor of Love came out. The reality shows produced were mind numbing and entertaining. If you did not take the show seriously, you were not going to be upset about the show. Did anyone really think Flavor Flav was going to find true love by picking a winner in a glorified gameshow? Fav is a hype man, hence self promotion was the goal. Like any dating show, it is a gamble, but publicity does not hurt. Then came the spinoff shows, I Love New York, I Love Money… I loved VH1.

When you look at the television shows though, you can tell that there is an attempt to structure a story via editing. You have the good guys and bad guys. The women who seem to get the most screen time are also the most likely to be a finalist or the final pick. It also becomes more apparent whom might be the final two as the number of women dwindles. Some bloggers I have read claimed you could tell who actually won based on the previews for the next shows. Guess people spend a lot of time analyzing things that probably do not matter.


The concept of the unscripted television show is people are saying what is on their mind at the time, and their reactions are not rehearsed or directed. Though a lot of it is highly edited to make a person look like a total jerk.

Right now, the only unscripted television show I have bother watching is Hell’s Kitchen. A cooking competition seems interesting. Otherwise, I have been at times reviewing old VH1 of love shows. Some of them are now unedited on HULU. By unedited the vulgar words are not beeped out and if there is any nudity, you see it, no black bars, and some of the women showed more than they probably wanted to for the camera.

All three seasons of Rock of Love are available. Watching the unedited versions of the three seasons made me realize how much more trashy the shows became. The women on Season 1 were not prim and proper women, but compared to the women on Season 3, it became apparent that casting for the shows was attempting to not find the finest women. Granted, the women were good looking, but well educated and having good manners was not a priority. As long as the women did not have a criminal background.


Now if HULU could get the rights to the unedited versions of I Love Money Seasons 1 & 2, I would add them to my watch list.

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