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Re-watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens, because I am thinking about going and watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi. After viewing, I realized that there is key information as to why the second movie is called “The Last Jedi”.

Supreme Commander Snoke, while talking to Kylo Ren, mentions that finding Luke Skywalker is important, because he is the Last Jedi. If the Resistance finds Luke, it could be a problem. The problem being, Luke can give rise to a new order of Jedi. People seem to think that Luke has to train this new order. Nope. Luke just has to find someone strong enough in the force to bring the balance necessary. Rey is that person. Kylo is only a part of the evolution of the new order of Jedi.

Rey is more than likely Luke’s daughter. Luke will not admit it, but Kylo, Han and Leia understand this. Rey possess not only Luke’s abilities, but Luke more than likely had begot her with another powerful force user. In the supposed none cannon Star Wars, Luke falls in love with Mara Jade, marries her, and have a child. That child is Rey. If you watch the scene where Rey has flashbacks after touching Luke’s lightsaber, the Millennium Falcon is flying off while a young Rey is crying to get her family back. Luke has chosen to leave Rey on Jakku, because it is a remote world, maybe she can grow up, and not be corrupted by the force.

From what I have read about The Last Jedi, Luke dies by fighting Kylo Ren via a force projection battle. Then Kylo kills Supreme Commander Snoke with the help of Rey. Luke is the Last Jedi, his dying, and becoming part of the force is his way of creating a new order of Jedi. Kylo redeeming himself or having questions about the Dark Side are Luke’s way of making right the wrongs Luke committed in the past.

The new Jedi order will arise and bring balance to the force as predicted by various events in Star Wars.

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