Good Bye David Cassidy

November 22nd, 2017 by


My introduction to David Cassidy was like many people my age, Partridge Family reruns in syndication. Sadly today, David Cassidy passed away.

The Partridge Family was very much a show in it’s time, but revolutionary for it’s time. Though not as timeless as the frequently blogged about Brady Bunch. David played Keith Partridge, the obviously musically talented one of the family. When paired with his stepmother Shirley Jones, the singing was brilliant.

David became a teen idol and superstar for a few years in the 1970s. Girls loved his dreamy eyes and long hair, which was not that long compared to many rock stars later. Sadly his career did not continue to go well, and he hit the rough patches most former television teens hit. He did 8-Track Flashback for VH1, and a few other nostalgia shows.

It is sad to see those whom brought some from of joy to your life pass away. To me he will always be Keith Partridge, the gentle, but talented lead of the Partridge Family.

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