Gorilla Girl

October 1st, 2017 by

This strip starts a new story line and introduces Gorilla Girl. A teenage girl with the strength and speed of a fully grown adult male gorilla.

Gorilla Girl has actually been part of my comic book character or comic character repertoire since I was child. Legion of Superheroes was a large inspiration, and as a child, you either thought of characters with a distinctive characteristic, then followed it up with Girl, Boy, Lad, Lass, Kid. Jackal Boy? Fog Kid? Yeah, you get the concept.

Gorilla Girl has changed over time. At first it was a girl gorilla, then it was a girl with the power to turn into a gorilla, then a girl with the powers of a gorilla. Wish I had not thrown away any of the old drawings. They were ridiculous.

The latest version appears in the Kid Spider comic. I had decided to add her in, as an ally for Kid Spider. Though Kid Spider is a spin off of BagBoy, and resides in the same universe, and Kid Spider may share villains, even allies with his cousin, I wanted to craft a separate rogues and heroes gallery for him.

In crafting separate rogues, as well as heroes for Kid Spider, I drew from various resources. What would fit in the universe of BagBoy? Was the first question. Sock Puppet and Midge were encountered from the beginning as opponents to Kid Spider. Oarsman was a hero specifically created to become part of Kid Spider’s allies.

As the brief introduction story of Gorilla Girl unfolds, I will be setting the stage for other events within Kid Spider’s future.

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