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Taking a step away from the normal Brady Bunch type post or pop culture post, though this is sort of related. I try to remain as apolitical as possible. My personal views are just that, personal. If you are willing to discuss opinions, in a civil manner, I am happy to enlighten you. The NFL means a lot to me. It has meant a whole lot to me over a very long time. Because friends and family have had such great times going to games or watching games together, debating rules or stats, the NFL represents a good deal of passion and joy to me. What I am seeing now is the erosion of a brand, the NFL, that I love.

The United States of America has meant a good deal to me during my entire life, and means more in these times. I see distortions of truth that I know to be self evident, that are infecting our country, and I see a malignancy that needs to be address. Feel free to disagree. That is what this nation is about. Just do not be disagreeable.

No one is upset that athletes have an opinion, whether it is valid or not, people are upset about the time and place the athletes have chosen to express that opinion. Now it seems to be driven by ego, rather than reality or respect.

Any citizen of the United States who works a job understands the concept of professionalism. Even though the workers have a right to their opinion, beliefs, and the right to express those, ultimately there is a proper time and place for the expression. People who work for a living, especially in customer service, know that opinions or beliefs are to be stowed out of respect for the customer. Professionalism dictates that opinions and beliefs are set aside, and the customer does not need to hear those things. Expressing those opinions during work could be viewed as alienating and disrespectful to the customer. To show disrespect to a customer, could not only cost a worker their job, but the company credibility, and money. If the disrespect is not addressed, and allowed to continue, it could affect a company’s bottom line to a point where a lot of employees would lose their jobs or the company could go bankrupt.

The NFL is a business that produces entertainment in the form of an athletic competition. People who buy merchandise, and tickets are customers of the NFL. The NFL is also uniquely American. Without the United States being the country it is, the NFL would not exist. Because there is such pride in the NFL, and the NFL is tied into the national psyche people are willing to allow their state or municipality to levi taxes or take out bonds, sometimes billions of dollars, to pay for stadiums. The final contest, the Super Bowl, is a de facto national holiday. Because of the pride in the NFL, and the uniqueness of the NFL, Americans make sacrifices and glorify it to the world as the penultimate in athletic competition. The athletes who play in the NFL are ultimately employees, and direct representatives of the NFL.

America is made up of a very diverse group of people in ethnic background, in economic background, in religious beliefs, in political beliefs, during the anthem, we set aside differences and unify. We show respect for each other. We show respect for the fact that we can have differences in opinions. Because the United States is the nation it is, those differences will not get us killed. We can simply agree to disagree and move on. In simply moving on, we accept the differences. During the anthem, we are Americans. Under the anthem we are equal, whether someone feels so or not is moot. You gain respect and acceptance by showing it.

The athletes who protest during the game or anthem, have every right to have their opinions and beliefs, no one is going to debate that simple fact. That is why the US is the greatest country in the world. Express those opinions outside of the game. When an athlete walks onto the field, professionalism dictates the personal grievances or beliefs are set aside, and respect for the customers is paramount. When an athlete does something, like take a knee during the anthem or sit down, and other athletes lock arms in unity with each other, the athlete(s) are showing disrespect to the nation, and the unity people express at that moment. Athletes are showing that their personal opinions matter more than everyone else’s opinions and beliefs in that stadium. Whether people agree or disagree with the athlete(s) opinion is moot. To show any form of protest for personal matters during the anthem is a selfish, ignoble middle finger and disrespectful “f-you” to everyone. It is showing disrespect to customers. People did not come to the game or choose to watch the game to be shown disrespect. When you show disrespect, you cannot expect people to be willing to discuss your grievances, since you already have informed people, their personal beliefs and opinions do not matter.

More than likely the protests are going to continue. To show displeasure with the NFL and the team owners who do not address the disrespect to the customers directly, but back their employees and condone the disrespect, several things can be done. Do not watch or go to the games. Do not purchase merchandise or anything related to the NFL. If for some reason you are at a game, just walk out after the disrespect is shown, and demand a refund at the ticket office. If enough people walk out to make the vacancies in the stadium noticeable,and refunds for tickets are cutting into the bottom line, the owners will take notice and address the issues.

What is puzzling is a normally brand conscious NFL, a league that was so worried about diluting the brand, it sent a cease and desist order to a local bar when that bar had a “Super bowl of Chili Contest”, is willing to allow it’s brand to be destroyed by it’s employees. Employees whom are paid millions a year, and show disrespect to customers.

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