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August 30th, 2017 by

Brady Stuff

Running out of Brady posting ideas. Though I found it extremely fun, and really amazing how much a snarky view can change the show, and yield an incredible amount of treasure to dig up for blog purposes, it has become damn hard to come up with something.

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Game of Thrones

OK. I read a ton of spoilers about season 7. The revelation that Jon Snow is a Targaryen, and thus the nephew of Daenerys was not overly surprising. Though I had hoped maybe the reason his lineage was being kept secret was due to his being the son of Robert Baratheon. Also the incest by accident event that took place is not really that shocking. Cerci and Jamie were getting it on in the first episode of the first season, and made no bones about, actually made a lot of bones in terms of dead, their relationship.

Having watched trailers and footage of the foreshortened season, and reading a lot of spoilers, I am actually jazzed to see the show on DVD when it comes out. The release target date is in January 2018. So, about five months from now, and that means I will have forgotten some of the spoilers.

night king

That is the odd thing, I am a person who does not care about spoilers and feel people who are upset if you tell them something about a show are being silly. How does that spoil anything? You know what happens, but do you want to see how the producers, directors and actors made it come about? That is why I want to see Game of Thrones season 7. In spite of some of the incept whining by fans about certain aspects, and the shocking ending revealed. I want to see the magic happen for myself. Then wait another year for season 8 to come out on DVD to see the final of the season.

Football Season

This is coming up quick, and already it looks to be another stupid year of rich, entitled athletes telling us how wrong we are. Yeah. Wrong for spending money on jerseys, wrong for allowing our tax dollars be used to finances stadiums where the athletes have bully pulpits to preach. Against my will, I am contributing to these dictators in jock straps whom can use their private bathrooms, but tell us a sex separated bathroom system is wrong. How about a class separated bathroom system? How is that not wrong?

Twitter Account

Set one up, began tweeting, actually enjoying it more than Facebook or other social media. For now.


I realized I am a bit dumb when it comes to posting on social accounts in regards to my web comic. For years, I just posted a link. Then it dawned on me. Post the comic and a link. Some people might come to the site, read more, and enjoy if there was something visual for them to look at, rather than a link and some words. Hope this self revelation does not damage career opportunities. Forgive me. I might have learned how to do websites and build them, but my social media savvy is neophyte.

Changing Directions

Once I write something, it usually irks me to rewrite. Though I will change wording on the fly while putting together the web comic, I seldom deviate from the planned out story lines. I did this with Gorilla Fish, and at times, I realized I might have been mistaken. Yet, I am doing it with Kid Spider. The ending of the first story line is coming soon. I had written twenty comic strips for the next story line, and then another twenty or so for the following story line. After reviewing the next story line, I decided to scrap it. Scrapping does not mean I tossed it into the trash, hit empty, and it is gone. I just gathered up all the files, put them in a folder, and put the folder in a possible future stories folder.

My organization skills are awesome, but confusing to some. Sometimes confusing to me. I know I have a file, but where did I put it? Yet, I preach ABCs and 123s as being the best way to organize.

Then I wrote a new story line for the second story line. It is better, I feel, brings back a character from the old BagBoy days I had liked, but had not dealt with yet, whether in Gorilla Fish or Kid Spider. It introduces a new character and ally as well for Kid Spider. It also ties well into the third story line.

Thanks for stopping by.

Edited: September 2, 2017 to fix some errors in spelling.

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